Whenever the toughness of life is hitting us hard, pulling our struggle down, making us feels we are weak, that's when it reminding us how tough we can be.

My life was never in any good picture without having my family featured in it.

I started as a young teenager having only my hope in God for survival.

There's no uncle and aunty to contribute meaningful into my life. I face the tough life alone but with God's help, sometime I fail with lessons learnt and little success with a grateful heart.

I have known my priority right from childhood. My siblings Cross were my cross. And I bear it as a younger teenager without looking back, because I knew we have to help ourselves to grow together.

But sometimes I do called myself to order and ask a simple question. Do my family truly  deserve all these sacrifices all along?

"The answers remain an illusion".

Nevertheless, for the sake of Christ love in me I keep pushing for good, I'd look back to see many unpleasant journey taken for the survival of my lovely family but I still choose to look forward to my resting days with peace.

In all my suffering, Pain,  agony, tribulations, yet a family member will still look up and denied of my rough days.

I hope to share the true story someday when the day is ripe for the sun to shine forth.

In all that may come our way, be it tough, rough, of any kind. You will have no idea how close is the journey to your rest.

I urge you NEVER DAY CAN'T

You can do all things through Christ which strengthen you.