Life may not have treated some of us well, but its lessons and God's grace kept us going.

Every beautiful and admiring story today has had an ugly and devastating moment yesterday but forgotten.

When we are learning from the past let not learn the bad moments alone, but the beautiful moment that come along to keep our head high and embrace the hope of the future. Such moments were the moment we regain a little strength to keep hope alive for a great adventures ahead of us.

My life has been a picture of ugly moment both in my closest and in public. Let our smile be a great companion and a great weapon devil is in so much afraid of, because it causes a lot of confusions and weaken the strength of the weapons that rise against us.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer". Romans 12:12

We may have had dreams  of beautiful life. 

A life without pain and discomfort. 

A life full of congratulations

A life full of merriment and joyful moments

A life without sacrificial offering of any form

A life melodious and glorious moments without pain.

The journey of life is Rocky and devastating in nature. It get tough every now and then, but you must be tougher to get through every moment it offers you.

If we all have had the opportunity to choose the type of life we most preferred to live, we would have make a different choices without having  the present memory we have had with our love ones. 

Accept every moment that come, embrace it with a brave heart and be cheerful while time is getting them off your way.

We were first a victim clamouring for a victorious life.

we are winning why because we believe we can and we are victorious because we stood our grand to defend our cause of living.

Be grateful to God in every moments, He has allow it so because he knows the hottest part of the fire of life where we can best refine and become the shinning Gold we were first made of before life has it dirty ways on us.

Life is Tough but we must be tougher and learn to Never Say Can't

~Maxwell Ohiare, M.